From the experience of organizing the MIT Global Startup Workshop for almost two decades, we have distilled certain lessons which form the core values on which the workshop is now based. We realize that personal interaction with role models in a memorable setting has an unparalleled and lasting impact on aspiring minds that creates the crucial inspiration to start something; that ideas turn into reality when determined individuals with diverse skills come together; and that an effective support network of committed and helpful mentors is the difference between most companies and a unicorn*.

There are three main reasons why India is the perfect place for MIT GSW 2016:

1) The business landscape in India has rapidly changed over the last decade in order to facilitate the founding and growth of disruptive companies.

2) Availability of early and mid stage capital has exploded and intellectual property laws are being overhauled.

3) The culture in India is shifting to embrace risk taking and to recognize that failures are just stepping stones to success.

We believe that India is currently in the beginning stage of an economic revolution which is already being fueled by a wave of innovative and hyper growth companies. Fortunately, there will never be a more appropriate time to bring the MIT GSW to India.

Every year, via the Global Startup Workshop, we strive to demonstrate the lessons we have learned while at the same time share the culture of tireless work towards seemingly impossible goals that is fostered at MIT and has proven to be effective time and again. Once again, in March 2016 in Hyderabad, we will bring together a select group of aspiring entrepreneurs with diverse skills who possess the capability and the drive to build exceptional companies and connect them to a vibrant network of investors, mentors and role models to unleash the next generation of great entrepreneurs in India.

*unicorn: Unicorn is a term in the investment industry, and in particular the venture capital industry, which denotes a start-up company whose valuation has exceeded $1 billion dollars.